Who is it for?

This solution is suited for customers with business questions like the following:

  1. Will the customer by or not buy?
  2.  What customers are at risk of churning?
  3.  Is the production machine probable to break?
  4. A customer that bough product A is he probable to buy product B as well?
  5. What is the probability a new customer will become an active customer?

Answering these questions based on statistical prediction models is called machine learning.

Work methodology:

We work together with our customers to define the business requirement and the expected results from the process.
Following we plan a statistical model, a data panel and define the set of data required to test the statistical model.
We test the data set on a number of statistical algorithm alternatives. The most accurate algorithm was selected after comparing all the algorithm results with statistical tools.
We offer a monthly service to maintain the model and improve the results.

Our relative advantage:

Our relative advantage is manifested in a number of levels:

  1. Many years of experience in building a wide range of models.
  2. The use of advanced statistical methods for monitoring and calibrating the models.
  3. We have extensive technological knowledge and development capabilities that enable us to develop customized solutions to help integrate the model into the customers organization.

Examples for consumers clubs:

  1. Prediction of churn
  2. Next best call (Next best customer to call)
  3. Next best offer (Next best offer targeted to customer)

Examples of production lines:

  1. Reduce the number of faulty products produced.
  2. Prediction of production line machine break down.

Experience and clients:

We have extensive experience in developing models that have helped customers in making more informed decisions in a variety of business areas: health and medicine, online, finance, trading ,industry and more.