Who is it for?

We develop unique digital solutions for our clients, which provide an answer to their needs such as: website, online shop, data collection solutions including IOT and more. The solutions are offered in the cloud, or On Premise and as open source solutions. Our solutions are based on technologies such as: Ruby, NodeJS, Java Script, Java, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elastic, MongoDB, Columnar Database and more.

Work method:

We plan the data collection and business intelligence system together – in such a way that there is a synergy and the holistic product is better than via planning of each system separately. In addition developing the data collection system and the business intelligence system together, allow examining data quality during the development process.

Our relative advantage:

A. We program systems which are a combination of operations and business intelligence systems, so that integration between these systems is at the highest level and the information collected provides answers to the analytic needs.

B. We have experience and expertise in database programming which are the heart of any information system.

Experience and clients:

We have proven experience in developing complex systems, which are a combination of operational and business intelligence systems that feed each other. You can see the project “Failure Analysis” on our website, under Projects.