Who is it for?

This solution is suited for startups and companies that are in a business environment, which is disruptive and companies that are interested in the following benefits: A. OPEX (Operating Expense) model. B. Scalability – Change in server power with a press of a button. C. Focus on the solution and not on infrastructure. D. A variety of Machine Learning solutions
E. Back up and service continuity.

Work method:

We implement projects utilizing a unique methodology developed in our company, mostly on Big Data and Open Source infrastructure such as: Snow Flake, Elastic, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more. Additionally, there is an option to implement solutions based on Microsoft infrastructure. We advise to implement the reports layer application with commercial tools such as: PowerBI, Tabuleau, Quick Sight or Qlik Sense.

Our relative advantage:

1. Business knowledge in various industries, which adds a significant contribution for assimilation of business models with ongoing value such as: pharmaceutical, banking, hi-tech, startups, trade, online.

2. Experience in handling and managing large amounts of data including handling system performance related issues.

3. We encourage clients to produce reports independently after half-day training on the reports tools (Self Service BI) which brings great satisfaction and considerable operating savings.