Who is it for?

Managers in a business make decisions and take actions that follow. If a company is interested to investigating the effectiveness of the decisions taken with statistical significance then they will refer to statistical business analysis.

Examples of deliverables:

  1. Get to know your customers better
  2. Increase customers purchase baskets
  3. Examine effectiveness of decisions
  4. Optimize marketing proposals and channels
  5. Estimation of customers Life Time Value
  6. Customers segmentation such as vip customers.

Work methodology:

We work together with our customers to define the business requirement, understand better the organization and the relevant data sources required for analysis.
We create a data panel that is analyzed and at the end of the process we collaborate with the organizations managers to explain the results and help them meet the most suited decisions based on the findings.

Our relative advantage:

Our relative advantage is manifested in a number of levels:

  1. Many years of experience executing a wide range of statistical analysis.
  2. We apply advanced statistical tools to accommodate business questions.

Experience and clients:

We have extensive experience in developing models that have helped customers in making more informed decisions in a variety of business areas: health and medicine, online, finance, and trading.